• 31Jul

    Green smoothies are the healthiest drinks you will ever consume.

    Essentially a green smoothie is a fruit smoothie with green leafy vegetables blended in. You get all the nutritious qualities of the leafy greens, but the sweet taste of the fruit makes it extremely palatable.

    First time green smoothie drinkers usually start off with mostly fruit and just add a small amount of leafy greens. It’s best to start with mild tasting greens like some of the mild lettuces – like romaine or bibb lettuce. Avoid pale lettuces like iceberg. You want them to be green. As you grow accustomed to the taste, you can start adding more greens to your smoothie and also some of the more strong tasting greens like kale, beet greens, collards, dandelion greens, mustard greens, spinach and so many more!

    After you acquire a taste for the green part of the green smoothie, you can increase the greens content. You should end up withanywhere from 40%-60% of your green smoothie consisting of dark leafy greens.

    There are many compelling reasons to drink green smoothies, but the best thing is to read my article on the health benefits of green smoothies.

    There are no specific “rules” on how to make a green smoothie, but since I’ve been making them and drinking them since 1972, I do feel like a bit of an authority. I’ve learned a lot over the decades and I know what tastes good together and what blends in well and what doesn’t. Although you can find many of my tried and tested green smoothie recipes right on this site, be sure to also sign up for my weekly green smoothie recipe to gain access to the hundreds of green smoothie recipes I’ve concocted over the years.

    One of the main thing I’ve learned in the last 15 years is the importance of consuming carbs, fats and protein in each meal and in the proper proportions. Green smoothies tend to be high on the carb end of the spectrum, and even though the fruit sugars are bound in the food and therefore are released much slower than refined sugar, there still needs to be more of a balance. Although some of my older recipes don’t call for it, I now recommend adding olive oil (or any other good healthy fat) and protein powder to every green smoothie.  I prefer whey protein, but you may use egg white protein, plant based protein or soy protein.

    One final consideration is using the right equipment. I have used many different blenders over the last 35 years that I’ve been drinking smoothies. The best blender for the job in my opinion is the Vitamix. It has a powerful motor that won’t burn out through heavy use. That’s why most restaurants, bars and professional smoothie shops rely on the Vitamix. Many of my friends and readers use the Blendtec , which is also a heavy-duty blender. Either one will do a great job. But don’t sell yourself short. Invest in a good blender. Your health is worth it. You won’t regret it.

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