• 31Jul

    This Mango-Kale combination is one of my favorite Green Smoothie recipes. The sweet mangoes and bananas soothe the slightly bitter taste of kale. Blended together, this smoothie is a wonderful concoction. Be sure to use only ripe mangoes, otherwise buy organic frozen mango in your grocery frozen fruit section.

    fresh kale (or other dark leafy green – up to ½ a bunch according to taste)
    1 ripe mango
    1 ripe banana
    16 oz. water*
    2 TB Olive oil
    2 heaping TB protein powder

    Place banana and mango in first, then water/ice. Pour the oil on top of the water. Add kale by packing it down into the blender container.

    Blend thoroughly in a Vitamix blender.

    Add the protein powder through the lid opening during blending.

    Yields 2 large glasses of delicious green smoothie.

    This green smoothie is best if consumed immediately, but it will keep for at least 24 hours in the refrigerator. Be sure to store it in a high quality plastic or glass container.

    * if using frozen mango use all water . If using fresh mango, use 8 oz. water and 8 oz. ice cubes