• 30Aug

    By now most of you know that I strongly advocate adding protein to every green smoothie you make. The real question is, from what source?

    Although you could add raw nut meats or soy beans to your smoothie (some of my recipes do call for those additions), the easiest and best way is with a powdered protein mix.

    Protein mixes come in many forms and from several sources. There are all-vegetable based proteins, all soy based proteins, whey proteins, egg white proteins and combination protein mixes from both whey, egg white  and plant based protein.

    Most body builders prefer whey based protein powders because it has been shown to be the fastest absorbing type of protein and it tends to build up muscle mass a bit faster. It also avoids the phyto estrogens that are present in soy based proteins which body builders don’t want.

    For most individuals, any protein powder is better than none, but I tend to prefer a combination of all the different forms. Each of the various protein sources has difering levels of particular amino acids, so by using a mixxture, you tend to get a more balanced amino acid array. If you are on a vegan or vegetarian diet, you will want to stick with the plant-based soy powders. The hemp protein is better than the soy, in my opinion.

    Here are my favorite protein powders in order of preference:

    MLO Super High Protein Powder (my favorite)

    mlo-super-high-protein-powderMLO Super High Protein is a formulation containing vitamins, minerals and enzymes; is sugar free; and provide 24 grams of balanced protein per serving.  This is a blend that contains animal (whey and egg white) proteins in addition to plant-based protein (soy and oat). One of the main reasons I like this protein is that it has a very neutral taste that does not compete with the flavor of the smoothie. Some of the protein powders, especially soy-based proteins, tend to have avery strong flavor that overpowers the taste of the smoothie. This one adds protein without affecting the taste too drastically.

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    MLO Brown Rice Protein, 24 oz

    mlo-brown-rice-protein-powderHigh Fiber Rice Protein contains an all-natural source of protein with natural fiber, which may be helpful in lowering cholesterol levels and it mixes well with juice or milk. Recommendation:Stir in two rounded tablespoons of MLO Rice Protein for each serving of green smoothie you make. Additional Info: Completely vegetarian. Hypoallergenic. MLO Rice Protein is an all natural source of protein with natural fiber. In fact each 28.4 gram serving provides 2 grams of rice fiber. Rice fiber consists of primarily soluble fiber which is the type of fiber associated with lowering cholesterol levels. MLO Rice Protein mixes well and tastes good because it is naturally sweet without any added sugar. Each serving of rice protein, a low fat and cholesterol-free food, contains 15 grams of protein. This protein blend is also fairly neutral, but does have a stronger flavor than the Super High Protein powder. This powder is slightly more economical — you get 8 more ounces for about the same price, but you also don’t get as much protein per serving (15 grams). Still a good choice, especially for vegetarians looking to reduce soy intake or find another protein source.