• 07Jul

    Organic foodEat Green for life. Yeah, there’s a play on words there. I believe it is important to eat green leafy plant matter as well as eat food that is grown in green (energy efficient and sustaianable) fashion.  That’s the word play on the “green” part.

    The “for life” part also has a double meaning. I believe that eating healthy, organic green leafy matter will give you “life” in the sense that by eating it you will feel like you have more vitality, energy and life. But I also think it is something that you should never approach as a diet or a fad.

    You see, I’ve been eating greens in one form or another everyday since the early 1970′s. I have never felt like I was “done.” It has never occurred to me that eating greens had gone out of style. Oh, sure, I’ve changed some of the ways I prepare the greens, but eating green leafy matter is a permanent lifestyle for me, not a temporary addition to my life. So “for life” indicates that this is a life-long endeavor.

    After decades of eating greens, the way that I find I can eat the most with the most pleasure and least unpleasantness is through green smoothies. I have an entire section of this website dedicated to green smoothies, so I won’t go into the details here. But with a green smoothie, you essentially get all of the great healthy, life-giving properties of greens in a very palatable and bio-available manner.

    I’m healthier now than I’ve ever been in my life. I contribute 75% of that to my daily green smoothie.

    Here’s to your continued health!